A Mathematical Model Suggestion for Land-Use Based on Urban Infrastructure

Author(s): Dr. Halil Ä°brahim Polat

Especially after20th century in Turkey, it has been observed that unplanned settlements have increased regardless of planning criteriawith the acceleration of immigration to large cities. Because of this,theearthquake hazard has increased the risk threat as the most frightening actor. Therefore, there is no inconvenience in expressing that the land-use based on urban infrastructure is the primary factor determining earthquake behaviour. In this article, allthe data, analyses and results which are the basis for urban transformation decision, have been analysed together with the results of local and universal applications that shed light on the rates of urban infrastructure ar-eas. The constituted system is defined as appropriate urban transformation model (AUTM). The parameters of AUTM in a relational-matrix together with the boundary values.


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