This policy has been made to define our procedures and actions about the complaints received to ASIAN JOURNAL OF ADVANCED BASIC SCIENCES (Asian J. Adv. Basic Sci.)’ published by ERESEARCHCO. Both Publisher and Journal takes each complaint with full seriousness and handles it professionally. The complainant issue is firstly investigated in detail and after that acted upon. Final decisions are conveyed to complainant. Publisher (ERESEARCHCO) and Journal (ASIAN JOURNAL OF ADVANCED BASIC SCIENCES) hold awareness of the following complaints:

  • Complaints from the author(s)
  • Research results misappropriations
  • Complaints regarding the research fraud
  • Violations of research ethics and standards
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Complaints about plagiarism
  • Duplicate and concurrent publication
  • Complaint Policy with Guiding principles: Our Chief Editor, Managing Editor and Staff takes a prompt action on every complaint, irrespective of the authors, academicians or our readers and make their full efforts to solve and satisfy the person to their entire satisfaction within two weeks of complaint. We also invite queries/complaints for the continuous improvements of the journal quality and for the entire satisfaction of the authors and readers.

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