Ageing as a Challenging and Stressful Phase of Life: An Analysis of Old Aged People in Jammu and Kashmir

Author(s): Irm Jalali Bodha

Ageing is more often connected with an increased morbidity and functional disabilities too. The grad-ual decrease in energy, acceptance of changing social setup and portraying up of older people as a burden on the financial resources proves very chaotic and stressful for the family in general and aged people in particular. It is observed that successful resolution of psychological crisis stage is ultimately related to the satisfaction of life and the successful or healthy ageing too, however the unfortunate thing here is that the pain and the suffering associated with age tend to be neglected most of the timesand so their life satisfaction.The study therefore is a micro level psy-chosocial analysis of old age people from Jammu and Kashmir. It also includes chronicty of multiple health condi-tions and the reflection of the inadequacies provided to the old aged people in the later stages of life..


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