Assessment of Elemental, Proximate and Phytochemical Analysis of Solanum incanumL.(Peels) from Albaha (KSA) Area

Author(s): Bader Omer Burham

Assessment of the mineral composition, proximate, and phytochemical of Solanum incanumto screen phytochemical constituents of the medicinal plant named (Solanum incanumL.) belonging to family Solanaceae, was undertaken using standard methods. The plant under study used for coward milk and also in the manufacture of cheese, but it does also have various medicinal uses that make it a valuable addition to the diet. The air dried grind of the peels of the plant and the crude extracts acquired were submitted for elemental analysis using UV–VISSpec-trophotometer and to phytochemical screening for their phytochemicals. Phytochemicalscreening showed the pres-ence of tannins, saponins, alkaloids, and flavonoids, using various standard methods and reagents. The presence of these phytochemicals are indicating the importance of this plant in both dairy feed and as in traditional medicine. It is therefore concluded that,Solanum incanumcontains bioactive compounds and minerals that could enhance the curative process of health as well as nutritive value. The results of the crude extract revealed the proximately analy-sis showed the percentage of ash (11.3%), a moisture content (9.41%), and the mineral composition indicatedhigh concentrations of copper (26.9 mg/kg ) more than iron (20.0 mg/kg).


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