Assessment of the Thermal Conductivity of Local Building Materials using Lee's Disc and Hot Strip Devices

Author(s): Houngan Comlan Aristide, Fannou Jean-Louis Comlan, Gbenontin V.Bertrand, Djossou Armand, Anjorin Malahimi, Vianou Antoine

The thermal conductivity of building materials is an important property for engineering and for the analysis of insulating materials. In this work, the thermal conductivity of Kosso and mahogany wood were determined following the device of Lee's disk. The results were then compared with those obtained by the hot strip device. In this line, Lee's disk device was designed and validated experimentally. According to the analysis of the data from the two wood species tested, the thermal conductivity of Kosso (measurement in the open air with a moisture content of 13%) and mahogany wood (dry) obtained by the method of Lee drive, respectively, are and against respectively, and , obtained by the hot tape method. These results experimentally determined by the disk of Lee method are in good agreement with those obtained by the method of hot strip device. The calculation of the uncertainty of thermal conductivity was also done in this work.


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