Avian Diversity in and around Sone Beel, Assam

Author(s): Himabrata Chakravarty, Hilloljyoti Singha and B. K. Dutta

Sone Beel' is the largest fresh water tectonic lake in the north eastern Indian state of Assam. Systematic list of the birds of this region was lacking. The present study (September 2012 to February 2015) documented the avian fauna in and around Sone Beel. A total of 89 species of birds belonging to 32 families were recorded. Out of these 89 species 39 were water birds, 13 water depended birds while 37 species were terrestrial birds. There were two vulnerable species and two species were listed as near threatened, and 27 were winter visitors. .The conservation threats of the beel have been highlighted.


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