Biodiversity of Endophytic Fungi

Author(s): Aditya Kumar*

Plants have served humankind as supply of fuel, food, clothing, refuge and medicinal drug given that the start of life. Many new contemporary-day techniques, methods, techniques and plant institutions had been placed into use to enhance the amount and high-satisfactory of plant resources. Among the microbial populations in flora, endophytes play a key function in nearly each elements proper from the manufacturing of bioactive compounds, and its function in medicinal applications. In the prevailing study, the subsequent are the listing of flora from which the leaf samples had been accrued Mangifera indica , Psidium guajava , Catharanthus roseus G.don, Citrus limon . Burm.f, Murraya koenigii , Hibiscus rosasinensis .The inoculated leaf pattern harboured a complete of fifty isolate produced from Zygomycotina , Ascomycotina , Hypomycetes and Coelomycetes . Hymomycetes and Coelomycetes had been the not unusualplace fungus grown in all of the leaf samples

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