Conductometric and Viscometric Studies on Magnesium Caprylate and Laurate

Author(s): Chitra Singh, S.K. Upadhyaya and Kamal Kishore

The conductance of the solutions of magnesium caprylate and laurate in chloroform-propylene glycol mixture has been measured at four different temperatures in order to determine CMC, molar conductance, dissocia-tion constant and thermodynamic parameters viz. enthalpy, free energy and entropy change for both dissociation and micellization processes. The results of conductivity measurements indicate that these soaps behave as weak elec-trolytes and the micellizationprocess in favoured over the dissociation process. The results also confirm that the CMC remain almost unaffected by the rise in temperature. The experimentally determined density and viscosity data have been analyzed in the light of Einstein, Vands, Mouliks and Jones-Dole equations. These equations confirm that there is a significant interaction between magnesium soaps and solvent molecules.


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