Corticolous Lichens Inhabiting on Sacred Trees in Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh, India

Author(s): Hem Chander* , Pooja Kumari, Sapna Devi and Sunaina

During present investigation a total of 66 specimens of lichen were collected from three localities (Berthin, Shahtalai and Jamli) of district Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh. A total 12 species (Physcia dubia, Physcia crispa, Physcia integrata, Physcia sorediosa, Physcia jackii, Chrysothrix candelaris, Chrysothrix chlorina, Parmotrema andinum, Parmotrema mesotropum, Phaeophyscia hispidula, Lecanora chlarotera and Caloplaca spp. of lichens were identified after morphological and anatomical investigation. Out of these, eight species are being reported for the first time from the study area. The species diversity of these twelve species was analyzed. It was found that the highest αdiversity is ten whereas lowest α-diversity is seven. Physcia dubia is the most common out of 12 species and was found at three localities. All the taxa have been deposited in CPUH (The Herbarium, Department of Bio-sciences, Career Point University, Hamirpur).


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