Effect of Bio-fertilizers and Inorganic Amendments on Mineral Composition and Quality of Brassica oleracea

Author(s): Vivek Kumar and Seema Devi*

The state of Himachal Pradesh is situated in the Himalayas; which attributes to the wide and diversi-ty in the climatic conditions. Due to seasonal climatic variations, the soil is favorable for the growth  of different sea-sonal as well as off seasonal vegetables; which leads to the deterioration of the fertility of the soil as well as quality of the  vegetables thus  grown in the field. The current  paper  deals  with such  effective and easy methods which    attrib-utes  to the long term  enhancement  of the  production,  fertility and  moreover income. We  have tried a few combina-tions  of the treatments  which  have significant and effective  results and these can be tried  on large scale for the sus-tainable development of the soil.


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