Effect of Learning Teaching Model5E and Metacognition on Physics

Author(s): Mohd. Raees Khan & N.A. Kazi

Traditional learning is fail in this volatile world filled with ambiguity. Learning is considered as a constructive, cumulative, self-oriented, situated, collaborative and individually different process of knowledge. It is becoming crucial to aware students how to learn new information along with the information itself to enable them more successful. This awareness of students executes the information and one’s cognitive process in learning is called metacognition.To obtain a desired level of learning, it is necessary to improve metacognitive skills which con-trol one’s own learning process. A student with good metacognition skills can focus his or her attention on learning unit; make a distinction between important and unnecessary information; use effective strategies to keep the infor-mation in long term memory and retrieve it when necessary.The 5E model creates the learning and teaching situa-tions in classroom. Student-teacher creates a situation / opportunity / problem to the curiosity among learners lead-ing aspects in Engagephase. Student-teacher facilitates the learner with various activities such as discussion, group tasks, etc. in Explorephase. Student-teacher facilitates them in meaning making in Explainphase. Student-teacher facilitates learner in expanding their understanding and in developing interpretative/ creative abilities as well as reflective and critical thinking in elaboratephase. Student-teacher mentions the process of integrating the assess-ment with learning in Evaluatephase


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