Effect of Various Physico-chemical and Hormonal (GA3) on Seed Germination of Dioscorea deltoidea Wall. ex Kunth

Author(s): Vinay Kumar

Dioscorea deltoidea Wall. ex Kunth. (Dioscoreaceae) is commonly known as singli-mingli, Kins and Ganj. It grows in the North-Western Himalayas at altitudes ranging 1,000-3,500 m amsl. This medicinally im-portantplant species is categorized as endangered. The seed viability status was almost maintained at least for 6 months. As the storage period progressed, a consistent decline in seed viability was observed. Of the various pre-treatments applied, GA3induced an early germination. Other seed effectorswere also effective in promoting the seed germination. A consistent decline in seed germination was observed during the 3 years of storage period. Alt-hough there was a marked reduction in germination percentage undervarious physico-chemical and GA3pre-treatments, the responsiveness of seeds towards various effectors appeared to be enhanced as the storage period progressed.


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