Evaluation of Soil Characteristics of Ravines of Dholpur

Author(s): Chitranshi Swati and Bhat J.L

Properties of ravine soilsof Dholpur, Rajasthan, India were evaluated. Soil physico-chemical proper-ties evaluated were bulk density, texture, water holding capacity, organic matter, pH, electrical conductivity and nutrient contents. The bulk density ranged from 0.83g/cm3to 0.95g/cm3. Soils of all sites had higher proportion of sand ranged from 64.0% to 86.1%. Water holding capacity was low ranged from 35.0% to 39.4%. Soils of all sites had low organic matter ranged from 0.89% to 0.94%. pH of soils was slightly alkaline, the range of pH was from 7.5 to 7.7. Electrical conductivity ranged from 0.39 mS/cm to 0.51 mS/cm.Organic carbon in soils of all sites was low ranged from 0.52% to 0.55%. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content was low, nitrogen ranged from 98.4 mg/Kg to 103.1 mg/Kg. Phosphorus content was in range of 4.7 mg/Kg-6.2mg/Kg and potassium content was in the range of 109.7 mg/Kg-166.3mg/Kg. Level of zinc, copper, manganese was optimal. Zinc ranged between 0.63mg/Kg and 0.70mg/Kg. Level of copper ranged from 0.2 mg/Kg to0.5 mg/Kg and level of manganese ranged from 2.0 mg/Kg to 3.2 mg/Kg.Level of iron ranged from 3.1 mg/Kg to 5.3 mg/Kg. The level of iron wasoptimal (5.3mg/Kg) in soil of Shergarh and in other three soils the iron content was low. Physico-chemical properties of soil evaluated will be guiding factor for choice of plant cover for revegetation of this area. Organic carbon the key indicator of soil quality will be critical factor for restoration of ravine soils.


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