Impact of COVID-19 on Environment During Lock-Down Period: A Case Study

Author(s): Sarwan Kumar

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a global reduction in economic activity and although this is major cause for concern, the slowing down of human activity during lockdown period appears to have had a positive impact on the environment. Due to less human activities, manmade pollution has gone to almost zero level in this period in many parts of the world. In India, many attempts have been made for making Ganga river clean during the last many years. That Ganga river has become clean in a three week lock-down. In the month of April, residents of Jalandhar city in Punjab, got a surprise when they witnessed Dhauladhar Mountain range situated at a distance of about 200 Km in Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) for the first time in a decade. Similarly the Pir Panjal range which extends from H.P. to Jammu and Kashmir was a blur to the locals, recently the view is completely clear.


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