Impact of Some Physicochemical and Biological Factors on Steel Corrosion in Seawater

Author(s): Hermine Ramzy Zaki Tadros, Mona Fathy El Naggar, Khouloud M. I. Barakat, Amaal Eid Abbas Abou-Taleb1 & Fatma Abd El Rahman Zaghloul

: The present study focuses on steel corrosion rate in seawater by weight loss technique and the impact of some physicochemical and biological marine parameter on it. Surface water samples were collected twice a week over one year; March 2013 -February 2014 at a fixed station in the Eastern Harbor of Alexandria. The results indicated that; water transparency (58.5 - 240.0cm). Temperature (15.5oC - 34.1oC). Salinity (


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