Infra-Red Absorption Spectra, X-Ray Diffraction Studies and Thermal Behavior of Samarium Laurate and Myristate

Author(s): Darshana Rodric, S. K. Upadhyaya and Kamal Kishore

Rare earth elements Samarium salts of dodecanoic acid (Lauric acid) and tetradecanoic acid (Myristic acid) have been prepare and characterized. The compounds have the stoichiometry Ln(C11H23COO)3, where Ln= Sm. IR, X-ray diffraction and thermogravimetry were used to illustrate the structure of Sm laurate and myristate in solid state. IR results reveal that the fatty acid exists with dimeric structure through intermolecular hydrogen bonding and Sm laurate & myristate were ionic in nature. The X-ray diffraction measurements confirm that these soaps possess double layer structure. The results of thermogravimetric analysis reveals that the decomposition process of these soaps is of zero order and the energy of activation for the decomposition process lies in the range of 30-35 KJ mol-1 .


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