Isolation and Characterization of Microorganisms for Insect Biocontrol by Chitin Deacetylase

Author(s): Hardeep Singh Tuli, Vijay Kumar Gupta, JitenderSharma & Neelam Garg

Extensive use of synthetic chemical insecticides has led to many environmental, agricultural and health hazards. To overcome these problems and also to protect the crops from insect pest which are responsible for huge loss of crop yield, enzymatic biocontrol maybe opted. As Chitin is an important component of the insect cuticle it can be used as a target to control insect pests. So enzymechitin deacytylase(CDA), which alters chitin, is used in thepresent study. Chitin deacetylase producing microorganisms were isolated and screened. Out of 142 microbial isolates,91 were found to be CDA positive using PN strip and PN agar method. After enzyme assay only 2 isolates, one fungaland one bacterial, were selected. Their morphological and cultural characteristics were studied andiden-tified as Aspergillusflavusand Bacillus thuringiensis. Cuticle of insect pupa has been tested for CDA action in its crude form. In conclusion, these two microbial isolates may be considered as potent CDA producing sources.


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