Latest Overview of Proteases: A Review

Author(s): Vijay Kumar, Anjana, Poonam and Sapna Sharma

Proteolytic enzymes are found in all kinds of organisms i.e. viruses to animals. These peptidases are included in vast group of the enzymes used in the bio industry with wide applications. They play vital part in the industrial biotechnology specifically in food, detergent and the pharmaceutical industries. Microbial proteases which are environmental friendly are interestingly used for their commercial importance. This review displays an overview on proteases chiefly from sources of micro-organisms i.e. bacteria and fungi and their common properties are also discussed briefly. Proteases assume an essential part in detergent, pharmaceutical, leather, food industry, agricultural ventures. Microbial proteases assume an imperative part in various ventures, above all in the leather preparing, silver recuperation, medical purposes, food preparing, feeds, chemical enterprises, waste treatment.


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