Microcontroller Based Rotary Evaporator for Solution Growth

Author(s): J. Shanthi and S. R. Vijayalakshmi*

Crystal growth is an interdisciplinary subject. The main research work involved in this is the production of pure materials and improved equipment associated with the preparation of the materials. The main research work involved in this is the development of microcontroller based rotary evaporator for the solution growth. The PIC microcontroller PWM module is used to control the DC motor in turn it controls the operation of rotary evaporator equipment. This evaporator helps to mix up the reagents reaction and speed up the overall process. The rate of evaporation of the solvent is increased and there by seeding of the solution becomes better with the help of the DC motor. The PWM of the DC motor drive was adjusted at the different choice. The polarity of rotation is automatically selected by the toggle switch.


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