New Applications of Soft Computing in Protein Folding Problem

Author(s): P. P. Mishra, J. K. Verma

Applications of soft computing in Protein Folding Problems is playing a very important role as it provides techniques that are well suited and intrinsic in nature to obtain results in an efficient way with a precise level of quality. The imprecision and uncertainty that the data and problems in protein folding have can also well be modeled and handled by the application of soft computing techniques. Proteins are large polymeric molecules which form the major part of all living matter. These proteins are responsible for various important functions in the body and it is strictly essential for a protein to be in a native state to perform these functions properly. To perform the central role the proteins have to undergo various bond formations and during this bond formation these get folded. The improper folding of the proteins is called protein folding problem. In this paper the techniques of soft computing have been discussed and it has been shown that how are these techniques superior to traditional techniques.


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