New Differential Pulse Polarographic Method for the Determination of Isoproturon Herbicide in Environmental Samples

Author(s): Devender Kumar Sharma, Pushap Raj and Sapana Suman

The excessive use of isoproturon herbicide in agriculture can cause some serious health and environmental hazards. This necessitates the development of some simple methodologies for its determination in various environmental samples. A new differential pulse polarographic method based on the measurement of dimethyl amine (formed from hydrolysis of isoproturon with potassium tert . butoxide) as dimethyldithiocarbamate complex through reaction with carbon disulphide and copper(II) perchlorate yielding an analytically useful diffusion-controlled peak at -96 mV has been developed. The analysis has been accomplished by constructing calibration graph between peak current and concentration showing linear relationship in the range 0.21-4.13 m g mL-1 of isoproturon solution. The method has been validated for the determination of this herbicide in its commercial formulation, water, soil and agricultural produces to monitor environmental pollution. The proposed method is accurate and precise as shown by the high recoveries (97.09-99.02%) with low relative standard deviation values (0.42-1.47 %). The method has also been validated to evaluate the leaching behaviour of this herbicide for assessing ground water contamination risk. The value of ground water ubiquity score (2.30-2.67) showed that it is a transition leacher herbicide and poses a potential risk towards environmental pollution .


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