Performance of Vegetable Plants Grown in Fly Ash Amended Soil

Author(s): Manorama Gupta, S. P. Singh and K. Kaur

Fly ash can be used for reclaimi ng the problem of soil and enhance the vegetable prod uctivity depending up on the nature of soil and fly ash. Fly ash from Chachai thermal p ower plant in Anuppur distri ct is used to amend soil. The physical, chemi cal and biol ogi cal properties of problem soil when mixed with fly ash can improved and enhance the available micro and macro nutrients for vegetable plants. It has been registered that fly ash contai ns hi gh concentration of macro nutri ents like Ca, Mg, K, P and S, and hence vegetable plants shows a better performance in terms of germination, growth in root and shoot length, height of pl ants, fresh and dry weight and yield (in terms of seed and fruit weight per plant). The higher amount of fly ash can accumulate micro macro elements up to toxic level and hence reducti on in root and shoot length of plants, fresh and dry weight and yield occurs.


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