Pressure dependence of elastic constants for intermetallic compounds

Author(s): Raj Pal Singh

Elastic  properties  of  solids  are  closely  related  to  many  fundamental  properties  such as  EOS,  thermal  expansion,  interatomic  potentials etc.  The  relatively  strong  covalent  bonding between  the  constituents  of  intermetallic  compounds  like  LiBC,  MgB2and  TiB2gives  high  Bulk Modulus in the range 150-220 GPa at high melting point nearly 3000K. This behaviour makes these compounds  very  interesting  for  studies  under  high  pressure  and  high  temperature.  In  the  present study, pressure-volume relationship at  differenttemperatures for three intermetallic compounds is given.  For the low compressions the increase in  pressure is  low but the rate of increase of pressureincreases  faster  as  we  approach  the  high  compression  region.  At  higher  temperature,  the  bulk modulus   decreases   and,   therefore,   the   pressure   required   for   producing   same   amount   of compression becomes less and less.


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