Probing the nucleons cross section and nuclear equation of state with elliptical flow at intermediate energies

Author(s): Sanjeev Kumar*and Rajiv Chugh**

In this study, the detailed analysis of excitation function of elliptical flow by taking into account the nature of equation of state, nucleon-nucleon (NN) crosssections as well as momentum dependent interactions is performed within Quantum Molecular Dynamics (QMD)model. All thephysical parameters are found to sensitive towards the elliptical flow. The interesting observation from the study is that the transition energy is found to be decrease with increase in the size of the fragment in the presence of static equations of state and different NN cross sections, while trend gets opposite when momentum dependent interactions are included. Finally, experimental data of INDRA collaboration around the transition energy of 79Au197+79 Au197is verified with static hard equation of state in the presence of large cross section


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