Rhizospheric effect of Endophytic Mycorrhiza and Trichoderma Viride on physiological parameters of Mentha Spicatalinn.

Author(s): Aditya Kumar*, Chhavi Mangla**, Ashok Aggarwal***and Vivek Srivastava****

A pot experiment was employed to examine the impact of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungi (Glomus mosseae and Acaulospora laevis) along with Trichoderma virideon Mentha spicataafter 45 and 90 days of inoculation. Soil microbes’ effect on different physiological parameters was determined. The maximum stomatal conductance (morning and evening) was observed in the plants inoculated with G.mosseae plus T.viride after 45 and 90 days(102.3±0.45, 114.0±2.52; 134±2.00, 154.16±0.95). Likewise, higher phosphorus content in root and shoot was reported in inoculated plants over control. The total chlorophyll content was also found to increasein the plants treated with A.laevis (1.628±0.04) and G.mosseae (3.491±0.06) after 45 and 90 days respectively. The finding in the present work concludes that AM fungi along with T.virideinfluence the concentration of different physiological parameters.


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