Studies on Mechanical Properties and Biodegradation of Edible Food Wrapper from Banana Peel

Author(s): Anniyyappa Umapathi Santhoskumar, Ramu Vaishnavi, Thavasimani Karunakaran, Natarajan Jaya chitra

Edible Packaging are the most useful alternative for Secondary product packaging, reduces waste, easy disposal and to create novel applications for stability, quality, safety, variety, healthy and convenience of cus-tomers. Banana Peels are more nutritional rich than the flesh. The initial sections of this report begin with the histo-ry of plastics food packaging and edible wrappers followed by the whole banana powder producing process includes the steps, to obtain whole banana peel powder. The Powder is further processed to film formation.It will be used for edible packaging application Tea pack, Biscuit pack etc.


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