Study Habits and Academic Achievement in School Children withDisabilities

Author(s): Shafia Nazir

The study habits and academic achievement of 90 children with disabilities was examined. The disa-bilities included visual, hearing and orthopedic impairments. The sample was selectedpurposively from various government and private schools in Kashmir. Test of study habits and attitudes devised by Dr. C. P.Mathur (2005) was used to ascertain the study habits in the study group. The percentage of annual examination marks were taken as an index for academic achievement. Mean, Standard Deviation (SD) and t-test for significance of difference be-tween means were the statistical measures used to draw the logical inferences from the analysis. The inferences showed betterstudy habits in hearing impaired children in comparison tovisually impaired and orthopedically crippled children. However, all the three categories of disability were found to have below average academic achievement.


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