Study on Thermal Protective Clothing for High Temperature Working Environment

Author(s): Le Thi Dung and La Thi Ngoc Anh

In parallel with the development of the iron and steel industry and craft villages in Vietnam, many workers always have to work in high temperature environments. In order to improve the safety and production efficiency of workers working at high temperature,in this paper, we proposed the thermal protective clothing design model for industrial working at high temperature. Firstly, for the system of three-layer fabric materials (composed of an outer shell, a moisture barrier and a thermal liner), body skin and the air gap between the clothing and the skin, an improved heat transfer model together with boundary/initial conditions was presented in high temperature environments. Secondly, the presented model was applied to calculate the temperature on the fixed contact surface changing with time, and the numerical results were compared with the existing model under the same condition to verify the credibility of the model. Finally, the developed model was also used topredict the critical time to first-/second-/third-degree burn injury and to analyze the influence of air gap and textile thickness on the performance of thermal protective clothing.


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