Synthesis and Spectroscopic Investigation of Schiff Base Chelates with Zirconium(IV), Lanthanum(III) and Cerium(IV) Ions

Author(s): M. M. El-ajail, H. A. Abdullah and A. A. Maihub3

The 2-[(4-[(Z)-1-(2-hydroxyphenyl) ethylidene]hydrazonoethyl)phenol has been synthesized by condensation of 2-hydroxyacetophenone and hydrazine monohydrate. The Schiff base chelates were synthesized from chloride, nitrate or sulphate salts of Zr(IV), La(III), and Ce(IV), respectively, in ethanol. The chemical structures of the Schiff base and its chelates were confirmed by various analyses such as CHN elemental analysis, molar conductivity, thermogravimetric analysis, IR , electronic, 1HNMR and mass spectroscopies. The CHN elemental analysis data showed the formation of 1:1[metal: ligand] ratio. The TGA of the cerium(IV) chelate showed the existence of water molecules in the chelates. Based on the IR results, it is found that this Schiff base acts as neutral tetradentate ligand and coordinated to each metal ion through azomethine nitrogen and oxygen atoms. The participation of hydroxyl group of the Schiff base in complexation was confirmed by IR and1HNMR spectral data. The electronic spectral data exhibited the existence of π→π* (phenyl ring), n→π*(C=N and OH) and an octahedral geometry was proposed for all the chelates. The mass spectral data confirmed the purity of the Schiff base and its chelates.b


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