Taxonomic Study on Geometrid Moths(Lepidoptera: Geometridae) Diversity in ChirpineForestof Himachal Pradesh

Author(s): Manoj Kumar, Pawan Kumar & Akhil Kumar

The present biodiversity study was conducted in Himachal Pradesh, India to find the status of geome-trid moth diversity in Chirpineforest. During the study, about 212 specimens of moths were collected with the help of light trap from different selected sites of Chirpineforest. Allthe specimens were sorted into thirty six species of geometrid belongedto 27 genera and three subfamilies. The subfamily Ennominae was represented with maximum 67% species followed by the subfamily Geometrinae (22%) and the subfamily Sterrhinae (11%).The population of the Geometrinaesubfamily was moderate, which may be due to thelack ofspecific host availability and desired habitat preference. This is the first record of geometridmoth diversity study in the Chirpineforest of Himachal Pradesh.


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