Tourist's Problems in Himachal Pradesh -A Study on Dhauladhar and Beas Circuit

Author(s): Karan Thakur, Manish Khanna, S. Vaibhav & Sandeep Sharma

In Indian economy, tourism sector has vital role for eradicate poverty and generate large employmentfor people. The importance of tourism in an economy is to be determined by the volume of expenditure incurred by the visitors. Moreover, expenditure incurred by the visitors contributes in Gross Domestic Product of an Indian economy. Now, days with emergence of marketing tourism have been promoted globally to enhance the level of tour-ism in the country. Government of different-different state explored the destination and their images are promoted in the national and international level to generate business structural employment for their own people. In the broad term, tourism is unique phenomenon as it defined by the consumption pattern of tourists. Tourists buy all the prod-ucts and services, which depends supply of goods and services within the country. In other words, total economic and employment impact of tourism motivate researcher to find the impact of tourism in the economy. The ad-vantages carried from tourism research may be measure and compare internationally.


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