Women and the Dreaded Heart Ailment: A Case Study

Author(s): St. Joseph

Cardiovascular disease is by far the number one killer in the world. The major cause of heart ailment is genetic predisposition and urbanization with offence. Although heart disease is often thought of as a problem for men, more women than men die of heart disease each year. Indian women are also showing great risk of this ailment. Being aware of personal risk and treatment options can empower a woman to live a long and healthy life. From ancient times herbs has been used in the form of home remedies to cure or prevent heart related problems. In India also there are many medicinal plants which have shown potential in treating cardiovascular ailments, some are known from ancient times, as part of our ethnic knowledge. These plant based drugs would be cost effective due to its abundance and temperamentally quite suiting to millions of our masses as these plants and their remedies are in use from ancient times. With ever increasing demand heart patients in the country, the demand for herbal medicines has tremendously gone up. Efforts have been made to improve their medicinal value in terms of quality and quantity, besides conserving them using tissue culture technique.


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