Commentary - (2021) Volume 9, Issue 3

Tomorrow of Computer Generated Virtual Environment

Anurag Sharma*
*Correspondence: Anurag Sharma, Department of Computer Science Engineering, A. B. V. Engineering College, India, Email:

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Computer Generated Virtual Environment (CGVE) is a digital space which is sim u- lated by a set of programs and which provides a pla t- form to many persons to interact with each other and participate in a number of activities. The persons often represen t them selves with avatars which are usually graphics, textual and videos. The CGVE pro vides the user with perpetual stimuli. The modeled avatar and the environment are designed by taking inspiration from facts or fables. Another crucial part of CGVE is t he communication of the users with each other and it varies from text to stability sensors. Most of such environments have real time co n versation facility. The idea of digital environment is predates modern co m- puter systems. There have been instances of it s me n- tioning by in the early 18th century when the compu t- er systems were not invented. The earliest virtual e n- vironment is usually sup ported by robust headsets which limited the sensory simulation. Conte m porary virtual environments are basically developed from these robust mechanisms. CGVE is commonly used in the entertainment sector like video games, social ne t- working and movies and CGVE also used to train pilots and astronauts by providing them with a flight simulation which has considerably reduced the trai n- ing costs. In social sciences and the field of psychol o- gy such s digitally generated environment could pr o- vide important su p port in studying the interactions of the subject with the surroundings. Virtual Reality helps in building real workplace enviro nments for occupational safety and health purposes. In the field of engineering CGVE has played an important role as it supports in the training and better explanation of the subject to future engineers. CGVE’s growing demand has opened doors alternately t o digital marketing. CGVE’s aspect in tourism is anot h er benefit to earn livelihood, where history could be reconstructed and preserved to the future generations of the nation. B e- sides having such a technological edge Computer Generated Virtual Environment too is plagued with challenges and limitations which need to be cautiously addressed. Pro longed exposure to CGVE results in psycho logical and physical health hazards in chi l- dren, most common types of side effects include se i- zures, blac k outs, increased s tress levels. The usage of VR headsets could cause eye fatigue. Another i m- portant concern is privacy of the users as the system is constantly under mass surveillance and confidential data could be accessed by hackers. Psychological effects are far more ala rming as screen addiction may cause irritation and loss of presence in the real world. CGVE could be the latest technology but a calculated approach is required in ha r nessing its potential .CGVE could be the smartest technology of this generation but must be utilized only when necessary. Gover n- ments of the world nations should form guidelines and regulations for its effective usage without causing any health hazard. Entertainment sectors should devise laws to protect the privacy of its users and technically build a firewall system to safeguard the information from miscreants. Virtual Reality is one of the techno l- ogies which is no more a science fiction and accor d- ing to latest developments it is expected that 50% of the European companies would utilize VR (Vi rtual Reality) and CGVE.



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Anurag Sharma*
Department of Computer Science Engineering, A. B. V. Engineering College, India

Received: 03-Dec-2021 Accepted: 17-Dec-2021 Published: 25-Dec-2021

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