Cracking of Cellulose from Ignorant Source-Animal Waste-Biomass Conversion and Utilization: A Review

Author(s): Vishal Priya, Avichal kumar and Pankaj Sharma

Waste-biomass consumption is a serious issue of concerning in developing countries. This review shows a comprehensive introduction to the biomass concept, covering the main biomass resources utilized commonly throughout the world under a category i.e. animal waste. Use as a simple illustration of potential sources of energy from biomass, including trees, agricultural crops, animal manure, the waste-biomass has been proved be field-harvested, preprocessed and transported to bio-refineries for treatment and processing. It has been converted to bio-fuel for transportation, industrial chemicals or power plants to supply electrical power for public consumption. From animal waste biomass cellulose is one of the abundant polysaccharide polymer which has been extracted and functionalized with many organic reaction. This present review explores cellulose history, structure, worldwide production, and extraction of cellulose from waste biomass mainly focused on animal dung. Present status of converting them into value-added products has been established. The materials based on cellulose and its derivatives have been used for a wide variety of applications, paper manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or other chemical engineering uses, such as chromatography, paints, and explosives.


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