Volume 9, Issue 2

Sno. Title Author’s Name(s) Abstract Page Nos. Article
1 Biodiversity of Endophytic Fungi Aditya Kumar* Plants have served humankind as supply of fuel, food, clothing, refuge and medicinal drug given that the start of life. Many new contemporar.. Read More » 1-2
2 STUDY OF CARBON CHEMISTRY Anniyyappa Umapathi*    .. Read More » 1-1
3 Metabolic Intermediates in Escherichia coli Arti Jamwal Sharma* The ranges of glycolytic intermediates, decided on amino acids, and citric acid cycle intermediates were measured in Escherichia coti in log.. Read More » 1-2
4 Global warming and agriculture Fannou Jean Louis Comlan*   .. Read More » 1-1
5 Global warming and obesity Venu Sharma* Global warming and the weight problems epidemic are unheard of demanding situations mankind faces today. A literature seek changed into perf.. Read More » 1-2
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