Volume 3, Issue 1

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1 Research Article
Prevalence of Malarial Parasites in Pregnant Women Attending Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano, Nigeria
M. A. Isah* , A. I. Darma** and I. Sani*** Malaria in pregnancy remains a major public health problem especially in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the prevalence of clinical and asympto.. Read More » 117-121
2 Research Article
Anti-mycobacterial and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Punica granatum peel Extract Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Homa Davoodi* , Maesoumeh Mazandarani **, Fatemeh Shakeri* , Seyedeh Naeme Javid* , Mishar klishadi* , Shadi Jahanpour* and Ezatollah Ghaemi* Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most prevalent infections in the world causing high mortality in developing countries. There is an urgent ne.. Read More » 228-235
3 Research Article
Morphological and Physicochemical Analysis of Ipomoea cairica Leaves
Deepa Srivastava* and K. Shukla In this study the preliminary pharmacognostical studies such as, morphology and transverse section of the leaf were observed. Physicochemica.. Read More » 222-227
4 Research Article
Environmental Exposures and Toxic Effects of Cadmium: A Review
R. P. Singh* and Aditya Kumar** As other elements are the part of soils composition in the same way Heavy metals are also found in this naturally. Cadmium is also considere.. Read More » 217-221
5 Research Article
Assessment of Seawater Quality of El-Dekhaila Harbor, Alexandria, Egypt
N. A. Shaltout and D. E. Abd-El-Khalek* Water quality of El-Dekhaila harbor was monitored seasonally at nine samples covered the harbor surface water during 2011-2012. The chemical.. Read More » 206-216
6 Research Article
Acoustical and Thermodynamic Properties of 4'-Fluorochalcone in Methanol and Benzene Mixtures
B. A. Gop and S. K. Chavan* 4'-Fluorochalcones was synthesized and its characterization was done by Melting Point, Thin Layer Chromatography, Infra Red spectroscopy.. Read More » 200-205
7 Research Article
Isolation and Identification of Rot Fungi Associated with Fruits Sold in Some Markets within Kano Metropolis, Nigeria
I. Sani* , A. S. Kutama** and A. A. Nuhu*** The study was carried out between July and August, 2009. Totally ten commonly sold spoilt fruits (orange, banana, pineapple, date palm, toma.. Read More » 194-199
8 Research Article
Cation Binding properties of some coumarin derivatives in acetonitrile
Olfa Naouali* , Lamia Boubakri**, Naceur Hamdi** & *** , and Lassaad Baklouti * & ** The complexation properties of some coumarin derivatives toward alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, some transition metal and some heavy met.. Read More » 186-193
9 Research Article
Isolation and Identification of Coliform Bacteria (E.coli) and Staphylococcus aureus in Some Commercially Sold Yoghurts within Kano Metropolis
A. I. Darma * , I. Sani I. A. Anisa and S.M Halima Yoghurt is a diary product produced by lactic fermentation of milk. Yoghurt is produced by the controlled fermentation of milk by lactic aci.. Read More » 179-185
10 Research Article
Flavonoid Natural Products: Chemistry and Biological Benefits on Human Health: A Review
Parasuraman Jaisankar* , Rahul L. Gajbhiye* , Sanjit Kumar Mahato**, Debkumar Nandi* Flavonoids are one of the most common groups of plant’s secondary metabolites. They are the low molecular weight polyphenolic compound.. Read More » 164-178
11 Research Article
Diversity and distribution of pollinators of temperate fruit crops of Shimla hills in Himachal Pradesh
Bhopesh Thakur* and Vinod Kumar Mattu** Present studies on diversity and distribution of various insect visitors to six temperate fruit crops was made by collecting the pollinators.. Read More » 151-163
12 Research Article
Effect of Organic Matter on the uptake of Cadmium by Spinach (Spinaceaoleracea L.)
Dinesh Mani, Vishv Kumar Mourya* , Shiv Balak, Niraj Kumar Patel and Neeraj Pal A field experiment was conducted to find out the effect of organic matter on the uptake of cadmium by Spinach (Spinaceaoleracea L.) on the a.. Read More » 144-150
13 Research Article
Ultrasonic Study, Rao Formalism, Compressibility Behaviour and Solvation Number of Magnesium Soaps in Non-Aqueous Medium
Chitra Singh* and S. K. Upadhyaya** Ultrasonic velocity and density of non-aqueous solutions of magnesium myristate and palmitate in 60/40 chloroform-propane 1:2 diol mixture h.. Read More » 139-143
14 Research Article
Effect of Defoliation on the Growth and Yield of Some Cowpea Varieties (Vigna Unguiculata L. Walp)
A. I. Darma* and M. Hayat** Cowpea which is value mainly depends on high Protein contain and resistance to droughts, its production worldwide faces a lot of challenges .. Read More » 132-138
15 Research Article
Structural Elucidation of Newly Synthesized Schiff Base Zr(IV) and Ce(IV) Chelates Using Physicochemical Methods
H. A. Abdullah* and M. M. El-ajaily** The tetradentate Schiff base chelates of Zr(IV) and Ce(IV) ions were synthesized by the reaction of the Schiff base which formed by the refl.. Read More » 122-131
16 Research Article
Studies on Growth and Flowering Attributes of Different Strawberry Cultivars (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) in Himachal Pradesh
Girish Sharma*, Ashok Yadav** and Manish Thakur** Fifteen strawberry cultivars were evaluated at the Strawberry Germplasm Block of University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan for various .. Read More » 1-4
17 Research Article
Evaluation of Anthocyanin for its Anti-Angiogenic Potential in Rodent Model
Uday P. Kundap* , Sadhana Sathaye**, Rachana D. Sarawade* , Ketan Patel*** and Pankaj D. Jain** Angiogenesis, the process that leads to the formation of new blood vessels or neovascularization; an important process involved in neovascul.. Read More » 106-116
18 Research Article
First Record of Ardeola grayii (Sykes) 1832 from Lossar and Kunzam La in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India
D. R. Thakur* and Asheesh Mehta Ardeola grayii (Sykes) 1832 known as Indian Pond-Heron, has been reported for the first time from the vicinity of Spiti river at Lossar Vill.. Read More » 102-105
19 Research Article
Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles - A Green Chemistry Approach
V. Pandiyarasan* , P. Shanmugapriya* , M. Y. Thanuja* , T. Anusuya* and P. Vairavaraja** Many green synthesis methods are used for synthesizing the nanoparticles in order not to harm the human kind which makes use of it. Sunscree.. Read More » 94-101
20 Research Article
Microcontroller Based Rotary Evaporator for Solution Growth
J. Shanthi and S. R. Vijayalakshmi* Crystal growth is an interdisciplinary subject. The main research work involved in this is the production of pure materials and improved equ.. Read More » 89-93
21 Research Article
Ichthyofounal Diversity in the Vicinity of Marine Protected Areas, Jamnagar, Gulf of Kachchh, India
V. T. Brahmane** , G. S. Temkar** , S. Y. Metar* , K. M. Sikotaria** and A. Y. Desai** The present study reports ichthyofaunal diversity form four different landing centers namely, Sikka bander, Bed (Rasulnagar), Bedibander and.. Read More » 78-88
22 Research Article
Application of Product of Chebyshev Hermite Polynomials, ?- Function and ? -Series in Heat Conduction
Rajeev Shrivastava* and P. P. Mishra** As an example of the application of ࡵ-function in applied mathematics, in this paper first we establish two integrals involving the produc.. Read More » 74-77
23 Research Article
Efficiency of Some Newly Synthesized Mannich Bases as Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in HNO3 solution
P. Sharma, R. K. Upadhyay* and A. Chaturvedi Weight loss and thermometric methods have been used to study the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in HNO3 solution by four newly synthesiz.. Read More » 67-73
24 Research Article
Investigations on Megalithic Pottery Samples by X-ray Emission Spectroscopy (EDXRFand XANES)
Daisy Joseph* , D. Bhattacharya**, S. N. Jha** , K. John Milton*** , M. V. Ramanna**** Megalithic pottery samples (Red ware-RW, Black Polished ware –BPW and Black Red ware BRW) were studied for their trace element composi.. Read More » 60-66
25 Research Article
Cu(II) removal from aqueous solutions: A Review
M. S. Sulaiman* , N. S. Ibrahim Copper is a widely known toxic as well as poisonous metal to the living organism with a permissible concentration of 50 μg/litre in aqueo.. Read More » 48-59
26 Research Article
Effect of various growth regulators on direct regeneration of Brassica spp. using stem disc as explants
Raj Rani* and Vivek Srivastava** Culture conditions for shoot regeneration, proliferation and rooting of Brassica spp. were optimized by a judicious selection of explants an.. Read More » 43-47
27 Research Article
Effect of Insect growth regulators on weight loss of the Lepidopterous pests
Sanjay Cyril Masih* & Jeetendra Kumar Vaishya** Insect growth regulators activity against the Lepidoterous pest Euproctis icilia and Euproctis fraterna was observed. The effect of Penfluro.. Read More » 36-42
28 Research Article
Potential and Limits of Domestic Rooftop Water Harvesting in Una Area of Shiwalik Hills
R. S. Chandel* & M. R. Sharma* Water is very scarce resource in Shiwalik hills of Himachal Pradesh. It is very important for the survival of every human being but little a.. Read More » 28-35
29 Research Article
Contribution to the flora of Ewing Christian College (Allahabad) of Uttar Pradesh
Jeetendra Kumar Vaishya* and Sanjay Kumar Mishra** The present paper enumerates 128 species belonging to 50 family based on up to date scrutinies of literature, herbarium and field studies. C.. Read More » 20-27
30 Research Article
Preparation, PhysicoChemical Studies and Antimicrobial Evaluation of 2-(2-[(2-hydroxyphenyl)ethanimidoyl]Phenyl-ethanimidoyl)phenol of Novel Transition metal Chelates
M. M. El-ajaily* , H. A. Abdullah**, A. A. Aljanga***, A. A. Maihub**** and E. E. Saad** A series of chelates of Zr(IV), La(III) and Ce(IV) with a bidentate ligand, 2-(2-[(2- hydroxyphenyl)ethanimidoyl]phenylethanimidoyl)phenol w.. Read More » 5-19
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