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1 Research Article
Biochemical characterization of Mustard Oil (Brassica campestrisL.) with special reference toits fatty acid composition
Altaf Khan*,Parveen Sankhyan**and Suresh Kumar*** Edible vegetable oils are the chief source of nutritionally required fatty acids in human diet. Mustard oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, ses.. Read More » 1-9
2 Research Article
Probing the nucleons cross section and nuclear equation of state with elliptical flow at intermediate energies
Sanjeev Kumar*and Rajiv Chugh** In this study, the detailed analysis of excitation function of elliptical flow by taking into account the nature of equation of state, nucle.. Read More » 10-18
3 Research Article
Acousticalbehavior of Cerium and Thorium Palmitatein non-aqueous binarymixture
*S. K. Upadhyaya**AnuShri Guptaand ***Kamal Kishore Ultrasonic studies of cerium and thorium palmitatein benzene methanol mixture were used to determine the CMC , soap solvent interaction and .. Read More » 19-25
4 Research
Biodiversity of Endophytic Mycorrhizal fungi associated with some medicinal plants of Himachal Pradesh
Aditya Kumar*, Chhavi Mangla**and Ashok Aggarwal*** Edible vegetable oils are the chief source of nutritionally required fatty acids in human diet. Mustard oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, ses.. Read More » 26-29
5 Research
Application of Homotopy Perturbation Method to study wave propagation in Transversely Isotropic Thermoelastic Three Dimensional Plate
S. K. Rana*and P. K. Sharma** Wave motion in an infinite transverselyisotropic, thermoelastic plate in the context of conventional coupled thermoelasticity (CT), Lord-Shu.. Read More » 30-35
6 Research
Chemical and Physicalanalysis of MorusNigra(Black Mulberry)for its pulpability
Yogesh Kumar Walia Chemical constitution of the fibrous material is not the only deciding factor for determining the nature of the pulp that may be made out of.. Read More » 40-43
7 Research Article
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial activity of bis(?-aminobutyrohydroxamate)oxovanadium(IV)
Reena Sharma The complex [VO(γ-C3H8NCONHO)2] (I) has been synthesized by the reaction of VOSO4.5H2O with bimolar amounts of potassium-γ-amino.. Read More » 45-50
8 Research
Viscosity measurements of Terbium Octanoate in mixed organic solvent
Kamal Kishore*, S.K. Upadhyaya**, Anushri Gupta***and Nandita Thakur**** Viscosity measurements of terbium octanoate in mixed organic solvent shows that there is marked change in the aggregation of the anionic spe.. Read More » 51-56
9 Research Article
Corrosion inhibition of Znin HCL by Nictanthes plant extract
J.S. Chauhan*, Anita Dixit**andD. K. Gupta*** The  natural  plant  product  used  as a  medicine  namely  marigold  were  tested  a.. Read More » 58-61
10 Research
Role of HDACs and DNMTs in cancer therapy: A review
Yogesh Kumar Walia* and Vishal Sharma** Although cancer has been considered as untreatable till now, but development of several biological agents have improved the survival and qua.. Read More » 62-76
11 Research
Performance Evaluation of Irrigation Projects -A Case Study of Lift Irrigation Scheme Sirsa Manjholi in Solan area of Shivalik Himalayas
H.P. Singh*, M.R. Sharma**, Quamrul Hassan***and Naved Ahsan**** Case study was made to assess the performance of irrigation water management of Lift Irrigation Scheme Sirsa Manjholi in Solan area of Shiva.. Read More » 79-86
12 Research
Kinetics study of Unsaturated Polyestersynthesized from waste PET
Sunain Katoch Waste polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is glycolyzed along with virginPET. A higher proportion of virgin PET in the mixture has the ability .. Read More » 87-92
13 Research
A study on Job Satisfaction of Managers working in Pharmaceutical Industry in Himachal Pradesh
Ashok Kumar Bansal*andLekh Raj** his study was oriented to identify the relationship between job satisfaction and its various variables (which are pay, promotion, the work i.. Read More » 93-104
14 Research
Recent trends in Fiscal Performance of Himachal Pradesh
Jyoti Thakur The fiscal reform at the state level is important from the viewpoint of both macroeconomic stability and microeconomic allocative efficiency.. Read More » 105-112
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