Volume 4, Issue 1

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1 Research Article
Drug Utilization Pattern of Anti-epileptic Drugs in Idiopathic Childhood Epilepsy in a Tertiary Health Care Center
Sabnam Ara Begum1 , Arunava Biswas2, Mousumi De, Avijit Ganguly4 & * , Saugata Ghosh5 , Saumya Sarkar6 Introduction - The study was conducted to know the prevalence of various types of Idiopathic Childhood Epilepsy and the utilization pattern .. Read More » 48-51
2 Research Article
Food Security and Sustainable Development in the Era of Climate Change: A Review
Tariq Ahmad Ganaie The drastic change in climate is severely going to impede the process of providing food security and sustainable development to the millions.. Read More » 96-98
3 Research Article
Effects of Canning on Button Mushroom
Kavita Arora1 , P. P. Upadhyaya1 , Anil K. Dwivedi1* and Ved Ratan2 Canning is a technique by which the mushrooms can be stored for a longer period, up to about one year and most of the international trade in.. Read More » 93-95
4 Research Article
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and Their Antibiotic Resistance Pattern Among Clinical Samples in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Rural South India
Savitha P.1*, Swetha K. and Beena P. M.3 Background- Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is an important causative agent of infections with multiple drug resistance. .. Read More » 89-92
5 Research Article
Plants Derived Products: As an Eco-friendly Alternative of Synthetic Pesticide for Agri-pest Management: A Review
Bhanu Prakash1*, N. K. Dubey2 and Kiran S. Since the beginning of agriculture, farmers have had to compete with pest to secure food, feed and various economically important raw materi.. Read More » 73-88
6 Research Article
An Intensive Study of Gamma Ray Interactions with Flyash Concretes
Kanwaldeep Singh1* and Gurmel Singh1 Six concrete mixtures were casted with 0%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and 60% of flyash replacing the cement content and having constant water to ce.. Read More » 68-72
7 Research Article
Phylogenetic Analysis of Noctuoid moths (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea) by RAPD-PCR Technique
Pawan Kumar1* , Manoj Kumar1 & 2 , Shweta Thakur1 & 3 , Rajneesh1 , V. K. Mattu3 & Amit Seth Noctuoidea is one of the most diverse families within the Lepidoptera. In present study we examined the phylogeny of the Noctuoidea between .. Read More » 61-67
8 Research Article
Spectroscopic Analysis of Praseodymium Soaps
Kirti vishwakarma1* and S. K.Upadhyay The spectroscopic characteristics of praseodymium soaps (Caprylate& Laurate) in solid state were investigated by Infrared absorption spe.. Read More » 57-60
9 Research Article
Environment Pollution???s Effects on Human Health and Psychological Wellbeing ??? A Survey study
Asma Perveen1*, Iqtidar Taufiq2 , Hazalizah Bt Hamzah3 & Rahmattullah Khan bin Abdul Wahab Khan4 Present study was aimed to explore the effects of environment pollution on human health and wellbeing. Environmental pollution is causing va.. Read More » 52-56
10 Research Article
Prevalence and Socio-economic Correlation of Dermatophytes Isolated from Clinical Samples in a Tertiary Care Centre in South India
Lavanya V. 1*& S. S. Solabannavar Dermatophytes are by far the most significant fungi because of their widespread involvement of population at large and their prevalence all .. Read More » 1-4
11 Research Article
Bioaccumulation, Translocation and Internal Partitioning of cadmium in Vigna mungo and Assessment of its Phytoremediation Potential
Akhil Gupta1 , Aprajita Singh1 & 2 AnamikaTripathi1* and J. K. Pathak2 Seedlings of Vigna mungo T-9 were given Cd exposure (0 ppm, 50 ppm, 100 ppm,200 ppm, 300 ppm 500 ppm CdSO4) in pot experiments having metal .. Read More » 42-47
12 Research Article
The Nephrotoxic Potential of Stevia in Chicken Embryo Model
Mahadi Jahanbakhsh1, Reza Sayrafi2 , Parisa Sadighara Stevioside, a plentiful component of Stevia rebaudiana leaves, has become well-known for its intense sweetness is used as a non-caloric swee.. Read More » 38-41
13 Research Article
Binding Properties of Some Pyranopyridothiazole Derivatives in Acetonitrile
Olfa Naouali1, Besma Mellah2, Hussain Ali Soleiman3 & 4, and Lassaad Baklouti 1 & 3* The complexation properties of some pyranopyridothiazole derivatives L1-L4 towards alkali, alkaline earth, and some transition metal cations.. Read More » 33-37
14 Research Article
Impact of Neem Leaf on Physical and Chemical Profile of Fly Ash Incorpoted Soil
Manorama Gupta1* , S. P. Singh2 & K. Kaur3 The fly ash is the waste material of coal based thermal power plants and is produced in a large amount in our country as well as in all over.. Read More » 28-32
15 Research Article
Fixed points on two complete D- metric spaces
J. K. Verma The measures of nearness between two or more objects with respect to a specific characteristic are parameter of the nearness. In D-metric sp.. Read More » 25-27
16 Research Article
Preparation and Characterization of Polyalthia longifolia Based Alumina as a Novel Adsorbent for Removing Fluoride from Drinking Water
Sanghranta S. Waghmare1*, Tanvir Arfin1, Nilesh Manwar1, Dilip H. Lataye2, Nitin Labhsetwar1 & Sadhana Rayalu1 This research addresses i) synthesis of an alumina composite based on high capacity adsorbent using a leaf as a template and ii) the issue o.. Read More » 12-24
17 Research Article
Teaching Computer Organization Using Field Programmable Gate Array: An Incremental Approach
Mohammad Awedh* and Ahmed Mueen This paper describes a novel approach to teach computer organization using an incremental approach of working models on FPGA. It presents th.. Read More » 5-11
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