Volume 6, Issue 2

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1 Research
Indigenous Ethno-Medicinal and Ethno-Veterinary Practices in Shivalik Hills Zone of Himachal Pradesh, India
Gulshan Kumar and Hem Chander Shivalik hills are the rich repository of diverse aromatic and medicinal plants. The present study fo-cused on the analysis, documentation a.. Read More » 1-14
2 Research
Efficient Color Image Enhancement Using Computational Photography Method
Shailendra Singh Rajpoot In this letter, we propose a new global contrast enhancementalgorithmusingthe computational pho-tography method. On the basis of the computa.. Read More » 15-19
3 Research
Image Patching for Image Denoising: A Review
Ashutosh Garg and Amit Shrivastava Usually we have a large number of devices by which we can take pictures, from a digital camera to a cell phone. Problem is that usually we t.. Read More » 20-26
4 Research
Parkinson's Disease and Depression-Together or Apart: A Review
Atul Kabra, Shivani Thakur, Rohit Sharma, Ruchika Garg and Uttam Singh Baghel Depression is a standout amongst the most widely recognized non-motor side effects in Parkinson's disease (PD). Depression in PD is rela.. Read More » 27-34
5 Research
Bio-Indicator Lichens of Sikandra Hills of North West Himalaya
Monika Thakur and Hem Chander During the lichen floristic studies, three hundred specimens of lichens were collected from Sikandra hill, which is situated in Shivalik zon.. Read More » 35-37
6 Research
Ethnolichenological Notes on Lichens of Sikandra Dhar Region of North-West Himalaya
Monika Thakur and Hem Chander Presence of a wide range of secondary metabolites in lichen thallus is variously utilized as medicine, food, fodder, dye and spices. During .. Read More » 38-41
7 Research
The Himalayan May Apple(Podophyllumhexandrum): A Review
Abhishek Sharma and Pankaj Sharma Plant based therapeuticals have been in use from time immemorial. The evolution of human race on this planet must have been closely followed.. Read More » 42-51
8 Research
Study Habits and Academic Achievement in School Children withDisabilities
Shafia Nazir The study habits and academic achievement of 90 children with disabilities was examined. The disa-bilities included visual, hearing and orth.. Read More » 52-56
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