Volume 4, Issue 2

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1 Research
Study on Performance Appraisal of Public andPrivate Sector Bank Em-ployeesofDistrict Hamirpur, Mandi andShimla
Ankita Sharma1*&Manish Khanna2 ppraisal is one of the key factors of organizational ability which is also the focus of this study. In simple words we can say that performa.. Read More » 78-85
2 Research
Customer Preferences towards Online Shopping
Lekh Raj1*& Sanjay Thakur2 Rapid stride in technology and networking has opened new avenues for online shopping in far and remote areas of India as well. E-business is.. Read More » 147-150
3 Research
Physicochemical Parameters and Phenolic Compounds Contents Analysis of Different Imported Honey in Benghazi, Libya
M. H.Ahmida1, S. A. Bu-Hajer1, N.H. Ahmida2*, R.S. El Zwaey2and I. A.El Sharaa3 The present workaimed to evaluate the quality of five honey samples in respect to their physicochem-ical parameters and phenolic compounds c.. Read More » 141-146
4 Research
Solving the Riddle-the Mechanism of Suzuki Cross Coupling: A Review
Bibaswan Biswas1*andGoutam Kulsi2* Suzuki cross coupling reaction is one of the most celebrated organic reactions of 20thcentury.Even though it is generally assumed that the r.. Read More » 131-140
5 Research
Mixed Schiff Bases Chelates:Synthesis and Spectroscopic Investigation
M. M. El-ajaily1*, N. S. Al-barki1and A.A. Maihub2 Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II) and Fe(III) mixedSchiff base chelates with Schiff bases were investigat-ed , firstly, Schiff base formed from.. Read More » 123-130
6 Research
Isolation and Characterization of Arsenic Resistant Bacteria from Contaminated Soil
Ananda Kumar Saha1, Sk. Md. Atiqur Rahman2,Moni Krishno Mohanta*3Md. Fazlul Haque4, Saila Naz5andRokshana Ara Ruhi6 Arseniccontamination in soil is a serious problem in Bangladesh. The soil bacteria which are re-sistantto arsenic can play an important role.. Read More » 113-122
7 Research
Comparison of Feature Extraction Techniques for Face Recognition
Davoud Aflakian1*, M. Syamala Devi2andEkta Walia3 Face Recognition (FR) is the use of computer to automatically verify/identify faces irrespective of various aspects such as pose, rotation, .. Read More » 104-112
8 Research
Synthesis, Characterization and Chelation Behavior to Lanthanides Cations of New Metal Free PhthalocyaninesBearing Coumarins Deriva-tive
A. Ben Othman1, R. Medyouni2, M. Trabelsi-Ayadi1,L. Baklouti1,3andN.Hamdi2, 3 Novel tetrasubstituted metal-free phthalocyaninesweresynthesized by the cyclotetramerization reac-tion ofthe phthalonitrile derivatives.The .. Read More » 98-103
9 Research
Incorporation of Polyaniline on Graphene-Related Materials/Cotton-Fabric by Interfacial Polymerization Pathway for Wearable Device
Pandiyarasan Veluswamy*andHiroya Ikeda Polyaniline (PANI)/ graphene composite on cotton fabric were prepared by a combination of in situ polymerization and solution process. In or.. Read More » 94-97
10 Research
Potentiometric Study of Complexation of Gentamicin with Mn (II) Metal Ions
Archana Shukla1*, M. K.Singh2&A. K. Pandey3 Most of the transition metals form complexes. There are different kinds of ligands used for complexation. Metals can play an important role .. Read More » 91-90
11 Research
Infra-Red Absorption Spectra, X-Ray Diffraction Analysis and Thermogravimetric Studies on Neodymium Caprylate, Laurate and Myristate
Chhaya Chauhan1*and S. K. Upadhyaya2 IR, X-ray diffraction and thermogravimetric studies were used to illustrate the structure of neodymi-um caprylate, laurate and myristate in .. Read More » 86-90
12 Research
Toxicity and Ferti-irrigation Assessment of Paper Mill Effluent on Agronomic Characteristicsof Black Gram
Akhil Gupta, Aprajita Singh, J.K.Pathak & Anamika Tripathi* Impact of paper mill effluent (PME) was analyzed on black gram (Vigna mungo T-9.).Selected pa-rameters selected were chlorophyll, protein co.. Read More » 1-7
13 Research
Study of Scientific Concept Structureby using Concept Attainment Technique
Kalpana Dixit This study examined the effects of concept mapping on the scientific concept structure of science students studying in M.P. Board and C.B.S... Read More » 74-77
14 Research
Genetic Diversity of Stock (Matthiola incanaL.) Cultivars Based on Cytogenetic Characteristics
Sepideh F. Irani1, Mostafa Arab1*, Maryam Norouzi1& Mahmoud Lotfi1 Twenty cultivars of Matthiola incanagrowing in various areas with different percentages of double flowers were chromosomally investigated, u.. Read More » 65-73
15 Research
The Worldwide Historical Facts Behind the Development of Hydroelectric Projects: A Review
Rohit Chauhan, Jagdish Chandra Kuniyal*,D.C. Pandey and Jayoti Jamwal The harness of water by human being to perform their work has thousands of year’s history. The credit of water harness for human need .. Read More » 60-62
16 Research
Harmony with the Feathered Bipeds: Tale of Todi Village of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Sonika Kushwaha1*,Sachin K Maheswari2andAbhishek Namdev3 Birds are admirable and reliable companion of humans. They have been serving mankind since time unmemorable. With the changing life styles m.. Read More » 50-55
17 Research
AnimalDrugs Used by the Tribals of India:AReview
Karuna S. Verma1*&Sulekha Pathak2 India is gifted with immense faunal and floral diversity. The tribals who depend on plants and ani-mals for their day to day life and health.. Read More » 45-49
18 Research
Web Mining -Concept, Classification and Major Research Issues:AReview
Praveen Kumari1*, Pooja Ranout2, Ankush Sharma3&Pratibha Sharma4 Web is a collection of inter-related data or files one or more web server whereas web mining is the application of data mining which is used.. Read More » 41-44
19 Research
Potential Mutagenicity of Some Artificial Sweeteners Using AlliumTest
Rehab M. Rizk1*, Magda I. Soliman2and Aya A. Rashed3 Different concentrations of three artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sorbitol and sucralose) as well as two different exposure times (24 and .. Read More » 27-40
20 Research
Effect of Bio-fertilizers and Inorganic Amendments on Mineral Composition and Quality of Brassica oleracea
Vivek Kumar and Seema Devi* The state of Himachal Pradesh is situated in the Himalayas; which attributes to the wide and diversi-ty in the climatic conditions. Due to s.. Read More » 20-26
21 Research Article
Karyotype Analysis and Chromosome Evolution in Three Species of Genus PlantagoL. in Egypt
Magda I. Soliman1, El-sayed E. Hafez2, Mohammed S. Zaghlol3, Linda Z. Samaan1and Amira A. Ibrahim The karyotypic characters,mitotic metaphase chromosomes and karyograms often populations of three species of PlantagoL.(P. lagopusL., P. maj.. Read More » 8-19
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