Volume 7, Issue 2

Sno. Title Author’s Name(s) Abstract Page Nos. Article
1 Research Article
Studies on Mechanical Properties and Biodegradation of Edible Food Wrapper from Banana Peel
Anniyyappa Umapathi Santhoskumar, Ramu Vaishnavi, Thavasimani Karunakaran, Natarajan Jaya chitra Edible Packaging are the most useful alternative for Secondary product packaging, reduces waste, easy disposal and to create novel applicati.. Read More » 1-4 DOI: 10.33980/ajabs.2019.v07i02.001
2 Research Article
Assessment of the Thermal Conductivity of Local Building Materials using Lee's Disc and Hot Strip Devices
Houngan Comlan Aristide, Fannou Jean-Louis Comlan, Gbenontin V.Bertrand, Djossou Armand, Anjorin Malahimi, Vianou Antoine The thermal conductivity of building materials is an important property for engineering and for the analysis of insulating materials. In thi.. Read More » 5-13 DOI: 10.33980/ajabs.2019.v07i02.002
3 Research Article
New Differential Pulse Polarographic Method for the Determination of Isoproturon Herbicide in Environmental Samples
Devender Kumar Sharma, Pushap Raj and Sapana Suman The excessive use of isoproturon herbicide in agriculture can cause some serious health and environmental hazards. This necessitates the dev.. Read More » 14-19 DOI: 10.33980/ajabs.2019.v07i02.003
4 Research Article
Latest Overview of Proteases: A Review
Vijay Kumar, Anjana, Poonam and Sapna Sharma Proteolytic enzymes are found in all kinds of organisms i.e. viruses to animals. These peptidases are included in vast group of the enzymes .. Read More » 20-28 DOI: 10.33980/ajabs.2019.v07i02.004
5 Research Article
Cracking of Cellulose from Ignorant Source-Animal Waste-Biomass Conversion and Utilization: A Review
Vishal Priya, Avichal kumar and Pankaj Sharma Waste-biomass consumption is a serious issue of concerning in developing countries. This review shows a comprehensive introduction to the bi.. Read More » 29-41 DOI: 10.33980/ajabs.2019.v07i02.005
6 Research Article
Traditional Usage of Ethno-medicinal Plants of Sikandra Hill Range in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh, India
Gulshan Kumar and Hem Chander The present paper deals with the documentation of field observations on traditional use of medicinaland aromatic plants by the inhabitants o.. Read More » 42-49 DOI: 10.33980/ajabs.2019.v07i02.006
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