Volume 5, Issue 1

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1 Research
Ageing as a Challenging and Stressful Phase of Life: An Analysis of Old Aged People in Jammu and Kashmir
Irm Jalali Bodha Ageing is more often connected with an increased morbidity and functional disabilities too. The grad-ual decrease in energy, acceptance of c.. Read More » 87-90
2 Research
Entrepreneurial Orientation and Entrepreneurship Development: A Study ofJammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute
Irm Jalali Bodha Entrepreneurial growth is the most important factor responsible for the growth and development of the entrepreneurship at any place. It is t.. Read More » 83-86
3 Research
Evaluation of Cytological Effects of Fusilade and SencorHerbicides on Somatic Cells of Glycine max (L.) Merrill
Magda I. Soliman The present study has been conducted to investigate the mutagenic effects of two herbicides: fusilade and sencor on somatic cells of Glycine.. Read More » 72-82
4 Research
Assessment of Phytoplankton Community as a Bio Indicator of Organic Pollution inthe Drainage System of the Edku Lagoon, Egypt.
Fatma A. Zaghloul The phytoplankton community structure, as well as its seasonal variation, was analyzed and dis-cussed in the four drains inflow to the Edku .. Read More » 59-71
5 Research
Effect of Power Law Model on Cylindrical Surface Texture on theIsothermal Performance of Parallel Plates
Pankaj Kasib The present study investigates the effect of cylindrical surface texturing obeying power law model on finite parallel plates. The modified R.. Read More » 52-58
6 Research
Assessment of Elemental, Proximate and Phytochemical Analysis of Solanum incanumL.(Peels) from Albaha (KSA) Area
Bader Omer Burham Assessment of the mineral composition, proximate, and phytochemical of Solanum incanumto screen phytochemical constituents of the medicinal .. Read More » 46-51
7 Research
Damage, Weight Loss and Aspergillussection Flavi Infection in Stored Maize GrainsinShumar Gewog, Pemagatshel
Tshewang Dendup Maize is grown as the staple food crop in Eastern Bhutan;however, the post-harvest practices are worrisome. The maize cobs are being heaped .. Read More » 41-45
8 Research
A Mathematical Model Suggestion for Land-Use Based on Urban Infrastructure
Dr. Halil Ä°brahim Polat Especially after20th century in Turkey, it has been observed that unplanned settlements have increased regardless of planning criteriawith t.. Read More » 30-40
9 Research
Indian Rural Banking ???Role of Regional Rural Banks
Manish Khanna The financial possibility of the RRBs(Regional Rural Banks)has, however, been a matter of concern since the 1980s, just five years after the.. Read More » 26-29
10 Research
Characterization of Indigenous RhizobiumStrain Isolated from lentil in Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Md Fazlul Haque Rhizobium spp. was isolated from root nodules of lentil (Lens culinaris L.), and itsmorphological, cultural, physiological and biochemical c.. Read More » 21-25
11 Research
Thyroid Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus inSaharanpur(INDIA)
Ashwani Sharma The Incidence of Maturity onset diabetes i.e. type 2 diabetes is increasing in India. Thyroid dys-function which was considered as a very ra.. Read More » 18-20
12 Research
Growth Performance and Chemical Analysis of Some Plants Irrigated with Chlor-alkali Effluent
Dr. S. P. Singh Nowadays, the major reason of water pollution is industrial effluent. Chlor-alkali effluent disposed from chlor-alkali paper mill is having .. Read More » 14-17
13 Research
A Study to Assess the Water Quality of Satluj River at Wajipur Kalan, Ludhiana, Punjab
Yogesh Kumar Walia Satluj river is a tributary of Indus River and is one of the longest river that flows through Punjab. Domestic wastes, municipal sewage, ind.. Read More » 8-13
14 Research
Effect of Various Physico-chemical and Hormonal (GA3) on Seed Germination of Dioscorea deltoidea Wall. ex Kunth
Vinay Kumar Dioscorea deltoidea Wall. ex Kunth. (Dioscoreaceae) is commonly known as singli-mingli, Kins and Ganj. It grows in the North-Western Himalay.. Read More » 1-7
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