Volume 6, Issue 1

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1 Research
Isolation and Characterization of Microorganisms for Insect Biocontrol by Chitin Deacetylase
Hardeep Singh Tuli, Vijay Kumar Gupta, JitenderSharma & Neelam Garg Extensive use of synthetic chemical insecticides has led to many environmental, agricultural and health hazards. To overcome these problems .. Read More » 1-6
2 Research
Urbanization Impacton the Water and Food SecurityandAssessment of Wheat Production andits Irrigation Water Requirements Using CROPWAT Model in IRAN: A Case Study of City Tehran
Gholamreza Hashemi, Seyed Pooyan Mirheidari and Connie Galvez Durand Santivanez In the modern world, the equal allocation of amenities amongstthe society individuals has been af-fected by the phenomena of Urbanization an.. Read More » 7-15
3 Research
Effect of Ethyl Acetate Extract and Purified Compounds of Alpinia galanga(L.) on Immune Response of a Polyphagous Lepidopteran Pest, Spodoptera litura (Fabricius)
Rahul Datta, AmandeepKaur, Isha Saraf, Inder Pal Singh and Sanehdeep Kaur Plant derived products provide defense to plants against herbivore insects by acting as antifeedant, growth regulators, toxins andmodulate t.. Read More » 16-21
4 Research
Drought Stress-Mediated Consequences on Enzymatic Antioxidants of Fagopyrum esculentumMoench
Arti Jamwal Sharma, Sunil Puri, Sujata Bhattacharya & Navdeep Dhindsa Randev Fagopyrum esculentum Moench is one of the vital unattended crops andis grown as a minor grain crop in the Indian Himalayas, especially in th.. Read More » 22-27
5 Research
A Study of Connectivity for Hyperspaces in Cyclic Order
P.P. Mishra and Rajeev Shrivastava An arc is a homeomorphic path, which is a continuous function in a space. In this paper, we have studied arcwise connectivity for the spaces.. Read More » 28-30
6 Research
Evaluation of Soil Characteristics of Ravines of Dholpur
Chitranshi Swati and Bhat J.L Properties of ravine soilsof Dholpur, Rajasthan, India were evaluated. Soil physico-chemical proper-ties evaluated were bulk density, textur.. Read More » 31-36
7 Research
Effects of Diisononyl phthalate on the Antioxidant Status in Gill, Liver and Muscle Tissues of the Fish, Oreochromis mossambicus
Valavath Revathy and Kumari Chidambaran Chitra Phthalates, commonly used as plasticizers in PVC products, are frequently released into the aquatic ecosystem causing adverse toxic impacts .. Read More » 37-48
8 Research
Taxonomic Study on Geometrid Moths(Lepidoptera: Geometridae) Diversity in ChirpineForestof Himachal Pradesh
Manoj Kumar, Pawan Kumar & Akhil Kumar The present biodiversity study was conducted in Himachal Pradesh, India to find the status of geome-trid moth diversity in Chirpineforest. D.. Read More » 49-53
9 Research
Conductometric and Viscometric Studies on Magnesium Caprylate and Laurate
Chitra Singh, S.K. Upadhyaya and Kamal Kishore The conductance of the solutions of magnesium caprylate and laurate in chloroform-propylene glycol mixture has been measured at four differe.. Read More » 54-57
10 Research
Recent Variability in the Plankton Structure ofa Natural Hypersaline Lagoon; Bardawil Lagoon in Northern Sinai, Egypt
Fatma A. Zaghloul, Attia A. El Aiatt, Nabila R. Hussien and Nagwa E. Abdel-Aziz Bardawil Lagoon is a shallow hypersaline lake, with salinity ranging between 38.0 and 56.0. It is a source of good quality fish and wildlife.. Read More » 58-68
11 Research
Solution of an Economic Model using Dynamic Deformation Procedure
R.S. Patel and J.K. Verma Since most of the economic problems are related to the optimization problems, therefore the tech-niques of the Dantzig[1] can be applied, to.. Read More » 69-71
12 Research
Tourist's Problems in Himachal Pradesh -A Study on Dhauladhar and Beas Circuit
Karan Thakur, Manish Khanna, S. Vaibhav & Sandeep Sharma In Indian economy, tourism sector has vital role for eradicate poverty and generate large employmentfor people. The importance of tourism in.. Read More » 72-76
13 Research
The Role of Schiff Bases in Dyes Techniques Applications: A Review
K. M. Abuamer, M. M. El-ajaily ,A. A. Maihub and F. M. Elarbi The ketimine and aldimineare of such important products representing the Schiff bases synthesis protocols in the condensation of primary ami.. Read More » 77-85
14 Research
Preparation, Spectroscopic Studies of (E)-2((2-hydroxybenzylidene)ami-no)-3-mercaptopropanoic acid Chelates
R. N. Fl-daghare and M. M. El-ajaily Three chelates of divalent transition metal ions [Co, Ni and Cu] with (E)-2((2-hydroxybenzylidene)amino)-3-mercaptopropanoic acid (HL1) form.. Read More » 86-90
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